Nursing education with Multi Capture V4
  Instructions are recorded by two AXIS cameras and wireless microphones. They can be streamed simultaneously over a LAN to another room for viewing purposes. It is possible to set marks during recording for a later discussion of the scenes. Videos devided into parts and provided with marks, serve as material for educational films.

Recording details with Multi Capture V4
  Activities are recorded by two AXIS cameras and microphones. A trainer starts recording using a remote control and marks important events during a record. Afterwards students can replay and zoom into areas of the screen.

Didactic education with Multi Capture V4
  Multiple AXIS cameras and microphones record the content of a lesson to internal or external hard disk drives. The instructor is able to add positive/negative marks during recording. After the recording is done, he can jump straight to any of the marks and explain the scene. Video and audio files are saved separately so they can be played back in the best possible format, either parallel or crosswise.

Graphical selection of 6-60 video/audio files with Multi Capture V4
  Several rooms (1-10) are equipped with AXIS cameras and microphones. The manager sees a spatial graphic with the choice of video/audio sources on each monitor. The sources, each based on a room/screen, are live. A maximum of 2-10 screens/pcs with 1-6 AXIS cameras and 6 audio sources. The conductor is now able to start/stop recordings, replay them or set marks with ratings.

Creation of an educational film with Multi Capture V4
  several AXIS cameras are recording with audio at the same time. The user marks the most important parts in the view menu (mark in-out) audio comments for these parts are recorded via microphone. In the video output Multi Capture cuts the parts and sets the audio comments up on a channel, the finished film comes out in different formats.
Mobile room to room transmission via Multi Capture V4
  AXIS cameras, tripods, microphones and recording unit are placed in a lockable cabinet (with wheels). The controllable cameras are attached to 180° rotateable tripods, a RJ45 cable makes video, audio, controlling and power supply possible. In the second room there's a notebook with Multi Capture Live, all video/audio signals are displayed live here, choice and controlling possible.

Technical analysis via Multi Capture V4
  1-6 AXIS cameras with sound are set up at the machine. All sources are displayed live during recording. Recording with a maximum of 50fps/pro video sources. A EKG/desktop with data can be recorded at the same time. It is possible to set up marks with COM-data during recording. When replaying, all sources are displayed at the same monitor. Possibility to change speed and zoom and to compare old and new records.
Therapy recording - Expansion of Multi Capture v4
  In the therapy room a AXIS camera and a microphone are connected to a notebook with Multi Capture. Each user has a password protected hard disk, all informations are saved automatically. The system sets up a file for every patient/number. The video and audio files are compatible with almost every player. The user can easily bring the hard disk for supervision.

Therapy recording with a server
  The therapist logs in to an autonomic network via Multi Capture. All his video and audio records are saved in his login-register. The head of the institution is able to see all records. Through the marks, the conductor or the students can put down text or audio comments based on the scenes. A simple management rounds off the system.

Interrogation recording via Multi Capture V4
  In the interrogation room AXIS cameras, microphones and a light red-green are installed. The recording takes place in deafault format, so every department has immediate access to the records. The metadata are logged admissible for court. It is possible to replay video, audio and pictures that are recorded at the same time. The civil servant can use the remote control to start and stop the recording and set up positive or negative marks.


Anatomic training


The conductor can chose a 1-60 HD-HDTV-4K camera with audio via room operation frame. He is able to view the selection of cameras on his monitor.

  • Recording per camera in HD-HDTV-4K
  • LIVE Zoom of the camera
  • TC-Marker during recording
  • TC-Marker with comments (Audio, color scale or, text/images)
  • Ability to set feature archive
  • Deletion of recordings after XX days

Students and conductor have got ZOOM, LOOP and chapter comments (TC-Marker) in the rendition.