Functions of Multi Capture V4

simultaneous recording of 1-6 analogue sources or HDV1, HDV2 and DV sources
simultaneous recording of 1-6 Full-HD USB cameras, LAN cameras and industrial cameras
simultaneous recording of 1-6 HDMI sources, VGA - DVI sources
simultaneous recording of 1-6 Axis cameras, LAN cameras Full-HD and HDTV with audio*
automatic recognition of DV and HDV cameras in 4 : 3, 16 : 9
Importing videos for comparison of old and new recordings
audio monitor for listening during recording (2 to 12 channels)
Directors monitor for 1-6 live videos during recording
Recording in AVI, MPEG-TS and H.264
marker function using mouse or hand switch during recording.
subtitle window with scheme
index with jump function to a time code position
Mark-In and Mark-Out for areas with player (chapters)
markers can be differentiated by colours
default markers can be set as text drafts (10 fields)
text linking and data import relating to time code
marker sorting by field, time code or user
photo function for every channel with time code and project name
output of markers as subtitle, output of marker texts as file
full screen output per channel
video controlling by F-keys
audio muting per channel
output as file (audio and video in various formats)
project backup
down-mix  output (picture-picture-picture)
output to external USB player
output of masks (picture in picture)
creation of archives to external hard disk drives
audio-video - transcription window
transcription file with link to a time code position of the recording.
transcriptional linked file with time code interface in the recording