Multi Capture V4 Directors Version

This version is set up for directing and / or conference switching.  
Multi Capture Multi Capture Mulit Capture

Directing with Multi Capture V4 allows a scenario in which the film director can manage remote connected user stations in real time via a network. This allows to communicate straight with each other upon request. The director`s workstation can also record the current video session for evaluation etc. at a later stage.

The system utilizes the high image and sound quality of a DV / HDV camcorder and the flexibility of notebooks to provide a full size screen display.

It allows the director of production to direct several business games or production levels. The director is available to all user groups without the need to spend time for travelling between the groups. He can manage up to 6 projects at a time and he can communicate with all of them instantly. The project partners themselves can communicate with the director through video and audio link ups at any time. The system is portable and can be used independently from the server of a home network.


Multi Capture