Technical Expansion 2

manual synchronization during playback (video comparison)
zooming and panning
output speed (slow motion and fast forward)
remote control via COM port and media controls, e. g. Crestron.

Technical Expansion 3

Axis HD and HDTV cameras are integrated
Multi Capture V4 displays the progressive video signal of Axis cameras without changing the quality.
Axis cameras can be controlled by joystick within Multi Capture V4.

Technical Expansion 4

saving of Axis camera positions
recording of other sources (screen, PC, DVD-player, etc.)
Tally light controlling via RS232 (e. g. "system ready" or "recording" )
file names with date and time (templates)
management of recordings (mapping to a process)
embedding of date, time and place
zooming during recording on a second display (Axis)
verification of recordings with protocol (e.g. for jurisdiction purposes)
transfer of the original data to an external data storage medium (video-audio-meta)
automatic readout of external video-audio-meta data
documentation and password query for deletion
  optionally available: archive add-on, offline update service, offline virus protection
** in conjunction with hardware

Technical Expansion 5

positive and negative marker function during recording
In the marker scheme, these markers are displayed in a special color (light red and light green).
In this view the play function can be started or stopped with a wireless Presentation Pointer
Within the marker playlist one can cycle through the markers using keys.

Technical Expansion 6

HDMI in for the recording of a desktop surface output from a tutors PC / notebook or a PC / notebook with technical performance data.
recording via the HDMI interface, e. g. from camcorders
  Hardware that supports Technical Expansion 6 is available as an external box for notebooks or as an interface card for PCs.

Technical Expansion 7

Desktop surface output from tablet PCs is used as live source (independent of operating system).
Various screen resolutions of tablets are recorded in a standard format without loosing quality.
  Hardware that supports Technical Expansion 7 is available as an external box for notebooks or as an interface card for PCs.

Technical Expansion 8

room-to-room live transmission in HD quality over network - audio and video
centralized viewing and controlling (cameras) with recording, e. g. in the directors room / media room
portable equipped receiving station (live client licence) that can be attached directly to a beamer / projector / speaker
simultaneous display of up to 4 live cameras
full screen display with automatic alignment of the resolution (projector / beamer), individual sources can be selected
Notebooks or PCs can function as portable equipped receiving station.

Technical Expansion 9

archive function - import of various formats
chapter function / indexing for the recording (time code), with linking to additional image or text information
keywords displayed as subtitles
Chapter jump function - a viewer can jump from chapter to chapter using a mouse or remote control.
chapter window with text information for every chapter of the recording and play function
full screen display for presentation or detailed view
Copies can be created from the original archive for viewing (archive client license) and can be stored on external USB drives / hard drives.
The original quality of the imported data will not be changed.
output function - output to various formats
output history for easy billing the customer

Technical Expansion 10

During the recording, areas (mark in and mark out) can be set with the remote control. This pre-edit can be played or edited on the fly.

Technical Expansion 11

transcription window
  • linked to a marker or area of the view
  • The text relates to a timecode position of the marker.
  • Easy way to store analyses, commentary and information at this point of the recorded video.
  • The text file gets by default the name of the project, recording name and timecode position.

Technical Expansion 12

audio commentary
  • further explanation of the displayed audio and video contents - without disabling the original audio track
  • Audio comments (wave file) can be converted to text by a speech recognition software.
  • The resulting text can then be stored at the timecode position of the video on the marker / area of the transcription or text windows.

Technical Expansion 13

tranfer of the from the Android pad version to Multi Capture V4 PC version
transfer of data from the iPad version to Multi Capture V4 PC version

Technical Expansion 14

Video - blur
  • To hide advertisements / faces an area of the video can be masked blurred (grey pixels).

Technical Expansion 15

1-6 HDMI, SDI and HD-SDI signals simultaneously recorded in H.264 format with audio
hardware based compression adjustable in steps

  • internal hardware: HD-SDI PC card with 1-4 SDI / external: 19" HD-SDI ports over LAN
  • live transfer to further rooms over LAN (Multi Capture Live Client)